SKINFOOD Tea Tree Essence Review

19 Feb

SKINFOOD Tea Tree Essence

SKINFOOD Tea Tree Essence

The product that I am going to write my review about this time is SKINFOOD’s Tea Tree Essence!! It’s an essence that prevents skin troubles containing tea tree oil and willow herb extracts 
The volume is 30ml. 

You can find a white pump when you open the lid!

You can finish using the SKINFOOD Tea Tree Essence to the very end 
because the bottom comes up. 

Here is a photograph of the product on the back of my hand.
I applied it on the back of my hand because I cannot apply it on my face right now. 
Tea tree essence is sort of like a transparent gel and it runs down!
I don’t know how to explain it.. It’s sort of like your nose. 

The amount that comes out by pumping it twice or three times should be able to cover your face!

This is after it has been absorbed into the skin. 
Wow! Where did it go?
It’s very refreshing and you really can’t find any oil in this product. 

I have an oily skin. 🙂

The product has this unique spicy smell!
I personally really liked that smell. 🙂
I tried using a different tea oil product before and the smell of this product was lighter than that. 

You probably won’t be able to use this product if you do not like the smell of tea tree. 

I am using this product for the second time and even though it didn’t dramatically get rid of my pimples or anything, it still feels refreshing and I like the smell. I hope my skin is getting better. 

Anyway, I would like to recommend this product!
I would definitely buy this product again. 


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SKINFOOD Tea Tree Bubble Foam Review

19 Feb

SKINFOOD Tea Tree Bubble Foam

SKINFOOD Tea Tree Bubble Foam
 SKINFOOD – Tea Tree Bubble Foam

Volume: The volume was 150ml on their website, but it’s written as 160ml on the product. 

It’s a foam cleanser that comes out right away when you pump it, a cleanser that removes the makeups cleanly and also a foam cleanser that contains tea tree in which AHA ingredient removes the unnecessary dead skins. 

My young sister who is still a teenager was getting a lot of small pimples on her face. 
That’s why I’ve decided to buy this foam cleanser for her. 
I am sure that you all know that tea trees are good for pimples. 
I always get pimples on my face when I am having my periods every month.
So I wanted to buy the tea tree series that were known to be very effective for pimples. 
But some people said that the smell was too strong and it didn’t match on some people.
So I hesitated a lot for buying this. 

This product is a pumping-type product. 
The design tells you which way you should place your fingers. 
I really like it because it seems to have considered the consumer a lot. LOL

Even though it’s a pumping-type product, it’s a product that changes like a mousse. 
That’s why the mouth is quite big. 
Even though some of the foam cleanser remains on the mouth, 
it actually gave a quite clean finish as a pumping-type product. 🙂

As you can see, it’s a liquid-type foam cleanser that you can see through. 
The product was a little unfamiliar to me because I tried using thick foam cleansers before, but this was the first time for me to use a liquid-type foam cleanser. 

I find many people using a bubble net so that they can create more foams, 
but a bubble net is not required for this product. 
It’s because the cleanser comes out like mousse like in the photogrpah. 
I don’t really know how it works, 
but I am guessing that there is something special to it. 


This is how the foam looks like when you apply it on the face. 
If you want to create more foams, just rub it hard and
apply it on your face. 

I tried to erase a makeup like this because I thought it would probably be able to erase light makeups, even though it may not be able to erase strong makeups. 
I used waterproof products for the eye line and mascara
and used a liquid-type liner for the underline. 


I tried to erase them with SKINFOOD Tea Tree Bubble Foam only and it erased the makeup pretty well. The liquid-type pearl liner all got erased except two or three 
and the mascara got erased almost perfectly. 
But the eye line remained a little on the underline. 
But I think it’s good enough. 🙂

To mention the product’s smell for a while, the product is much more mild and has a lighter smell compared to other products. 
I personally liked it because the smell was very delicate. 

Also, I think it was very effective for your pimples. 
My sister got rid of her small pimples with this product. 
For such reason, this is a product that I use whenever I am getting pimples on my face during my periods. It gave a very clean finish and it didn’t make my skin tight even though my U-zone is normally very dry. 

Evaluation of SKINFOOD Tea Tree Bubble Foam Review

I personally liked it very much because it was quite effective for the pimples and also because the smell was not very strong. It cleansed very well and I was personally very satisfied with the product considering its price. I dare to recommend this product for all those people who have small pimples and those who do not like tea tree products because of its strong smell. 

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SKINFOOD Sugar Cookie Blusher Review

19 Feb

SKINFOOD Sugar Cookie Blusher

SKINFOOD Sugar Cookie Blusher

SKINFOOD Sugar Cookie Blusher 

I’ve been using the purple Shu Uemura Glow-on M32E that made my face look bright. 
I’ve been looking for a cheap product like Shu Uemura and SKINFOOD Sugar Cookie Blusher was the blusher that I’ve found! The cheaper versions of expensive brands are very popular these days because they are cheap and the colors come out very well. 
Missha’s product and the cheaper version of Shu Uemura were quite similar to this product. 
I am currently using SKINFOOD Sugar Cookie Blusher, a product with an amazing color expression. 

 SKINFOOD Sugar Cookie Blusher gave me a feeling that I can use it for a long time because it was very small and had a lot in it. As you can see in photograph, it’s round-shaped and the case is made of paper. There was a plastic lid on top of the case. 

 SKINFOOD Sugar Cookie Blusher No.3 Bebe Lavender was the color that was similar to the cheaper version of Shu Uemura M32E. This blusher had a lot of different colors. 
The product doesn’t have a brush in it. 

As you can see, the color is light purple. 
I was a little skeptical about the purple color for a blusher in the past, 
but the purple blusher is the only blusher that I use these days. 
It’s a sort of color that makes your face more white and clean. 


Before using this product, 
I’ve heard people say that the color didn’t come out very well. 
I’ve realized why people were saying that. The blusher was slightly coated. 
The color doesn’t come out that well if you apply with a brush. 
But the color comes out very well if you take off that coated layer. 
You cam simply take off that coated layer by scratching the top with the lid. 


The powder comes out like this when you scratch it. 
The color comes out very well when you apply it on your skin after brushing off the powder on the top. 


 This is the color of SKINFOOD Sugar Cookie Blusher, which is the cheaper version of Shu Uemura. The color is light purple and it has no pearls in it. 
The particles are very fine and I think it’s a great product by considering its price. 

I’ll now compare SKINFOOD Sugar Cookie Blusher No. Bebe Lavender with Shu Uemura Glow-on M32E. Shu Uemura’s color before it is applied on the skin is lighter. 
Skinfood looks a lot darker when it’s next to Shu Uemura. 


I should be able to say that it’s a cheaper version of Shu Uemura when the colors are similar. 
I tested the colors on the back of my hand. 
At a glace, both of the products have similar colors. 
But Skinfood’s blusher was a bit lighter than Shu Uemura. 

At a glance, Shu Uemura was close to the purple that had no pink.
In fact, Skinfood was rather close to light purple when I applied it on the skin. 
Shu Uemura seems to have mixed pink when it’s next to Skinfood. 
I personally think the cheaper version of Shu Uemura is similar to Skinfood Sugar Cookie Blusher. It makes the skin tone look clean and white. 


This is after applying the Skinfood Sugar Cookie Blusher. 
My face looks a lot more white and bright after having applied the light purple. 
I only used the Shu Uemura Glow-on before, but I think Skinfood’s colors are also very nice. 
I think you should be able to use it for a long time because it’s cheap and has a lot in it. 
I recommend the cheaper version of Shu Uemura if you think Shu Uemura products are too expensive. 

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SKINFOOD Citron Scalp Care Shampoo 500g Review

19 Feb

SKINFOOD Citron Scalp Care Shampoo 500g

SKINFOOD Citron Scalp Care Shampoo 500g

Those people who have tried using Skinfood’s hair products often say that the effects of this product is actually quite amazing. It’s a mistake to think that cheap products aren’t very good. LOL

I only used Skinfood’s body products when I was going through a difficult time with the atopy skin trouble. To think about it now, I’ve been using products that did not have good moisturizing effects and I’ve become more interested in cosmetics after using Skinfood’s body products. 
My skin problem got so much better after using Skinfood’s products that have high-moisturizing effects. 

I bought this SKINFOOD Citron Scalp Care Shampoo that I bought last month
because I suddenly had this problems on my scalp. 
My family only uses Mise-en-Scène or Elastine. 
I had been using a shampoo that had Chinese Medicines in it, but it was too expensive. 

Anyway, my hair doesn’t really match very well with Mise-en-Scène or Elastine. 
My hair becomes itchy and I also get lots of troubles on my scalp after 2-3 days. 
So I’ve decided to not use Mise-en-Scène or Elastine because I am worried about losing my hair. 



SKINFOOD Citron Scalp Care Shampoo is a scalp care shampoo that does not contain the four harmful ingredients. The refreshing foam cleanses the scalp cleanly and the cool and refreshing smell is one of the distinct characteristics of this product. 
The four harmful ingredients are coloring, paraben, ethanol and benzophenone. 

Is citron good for the scalp?
The story of citron: The citrons contain abundant substances that are good for cosmetics. They make the scalp healthy and makes your hair smooth and shiny. 

 SKINFOOD Citron Scalp Care Shampoo contains about 5000mg of citron extracts. 
The product also contains portulaca extracts, witch hazel and hydrolysis keratin. 

Also, the volume of SKINFOOD Citron Scalp Care Shampoo is 500g and the price is 9000 KRW. It contains a lot of shampoo in it by considering its price. It’s one of the biggest shampoo by Skinfood. I should be able to use it until next summer because I am the only one who is using this product in my family. (I simply rinse my hair with water in the morning because I wash my hair in the evening)


 The citron color of the bottle sort of became brown.  LOL
The color of the pump is ivory with quite a bit of yellow in it. 
The pump looks very cute. You can place a 100 KRW coin on top of that pump. 


The shampoo is transparent because it doesn’t contain coloring substances. 
It won’t run down in between your fingers 
because it’s a liquid-type texture that isn’t too light. The texture is similar to the texture of a gel-type product. 

The foams came out very well. But I couldn’t take a good photograph because I was busy washing my hair. LOL Anyway, the smell of the citron is very refreshing. 

A lot of Skinfood’s products use artificial fragrance,
but the fragrance of this product is very natural. 
It really smells like the smell of citron tea. 
You know.. it feels really disturbing when the shampoo smells powdery when you wash your hair during summer after a sweating a lot. But I really liked the refreshing smell of this product. 

You can simply create foams with 
SKINFOOD Citron Scalp Care Shampoo and massage the scalp carefully. 
I have to wash my scalp very carefully because I use a wax or a hair essence everyday. 

This is the before and after photograph. 
I really can’t see the difference in the photograph. 

It’s sort of like before washing my hair and after washing my hair. LOL

I was sort of worried that my hair would become rough and dry like dog’s hair. 
But as I’ve mentioned earlier, 
Skinfood’s hair products are as good as other brand’s hair products. 

(You really can’t much of a difference in the before and after photograph. LOL)

I was able to get rid of the troubles that I got by using Mise-en-Scène and Elastine within a week by using  SKINFOOD Citron Scalp Care Shampoo. But it didn’t really seem to care much about the troubles on the scalp because it’s not a shampoo for the troubles. 

I am generally satisfied with this product and 
I even took a shower with this product during summer. It was pretty nice. LOL
It didn’t seem to prevent hair loss and it definitely prevented the troubles on the scalp. 
It didn’t make my hair rough or dry and the smell was very good. It was a kind of shampoo that I can use everyday. In general, I cannot say that it was really amazing or anything, but it was a fairly good shampoo that can be used everyday. I think it’s a good product for teenagers and those who are in their twenties. I also think it’s a good shampoo for guys because it cleanses the wax very cleanly. 🙂

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SKINFOOD Parsley and Mandarin Spot Gel 15ml Review

19 Feb

SKINFOOD Parsley and Mandarin Spot Gel 15ml

SKINFOOD Parsley and Mandarin Spot Gel 15ml

I finally bought the SKINFOOD Parsley and Mandarin Spot Gel!
I really needed a spot for my pimples that I can always carry it around because I’ve been getting lots of pimples these days. I don’t usually do makeups when I am getting pimples on my face. 
I can apply the spot products frequently and my skin doesn’t seem to get polluted in that way. 🙂
I had been using ORBIS CLEAR ACNE SPOTS, which is a Japanese product. 
The texture and the color of this product were quite similar with Skinfood. 
But I’ve heard people say that Japanese products don’t match very well on Korean people. 
So I was looking for a product that I can carry it around and a product that was cheaper than other products because I can use as much as I want if it’s cheap! 🙂 


The volume is 15ml. 
The smell was sort of like aromatic rose and orange mixed together. 
I was personally okay with the smell!!
And it was moist and not very sticky. 🙂

The instruction told me to calm down my skin with a toner after washing my face and tap the gel with a cotton bud or my fingers until it got absorbed into the skin!

But I use it more frequently because I want to see the effects more quickly. 🙂

It’s a spot gel for the damaged areas of the skin that calms down and prevents the troubles on the skin caused by stimulation or stress, for the parsley extracts and mandarin extracts have been nano-processed. 🙂

I hope that you try out this SKINFOOD Parsley and Mandarin Spot Gel,
a product that can be used as much as you want because it’s very cheap. 🙂

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SKINFOOD T and I Zone Powder Review

19 Feb

SKINFOOD T and I Zone Powder

SKINFOOD T and I Zone Powder

SKINFOOD T and I Zone Powder – Cubism


The three-dimensional effect is expressed on your face when the fine yellow powder touches the skin because those fine particles express a smooth and silky satin color. 
It’s a partial base powder that creates a smooth and shiny skin. 

That’s the description that I’ve found at Skinfood’s website. 


The description says that I can simply apply the powder on areas that you want to create the volume, such as  your nose, forehead and areas near your eyes. 
But most of the people who bought this product are using it as a simple blusher or 
as a blusher after using a blusher that they have at home. 

The size of the case is very cute and you can open it by turning the lid. 


You can find a plastic lid on the top and a hole in the middle 
when you turn and open the case. 
I can probably put an eye shadow top or a cotton bud in that hole!


You’ll be able to see T and I Zone Powder when you open the plastic lid. 
The color was quite light. 



This is the color that came out on the back of my hand. (I took the photograph with my mobile phone and the photograph has not been edited)

I’ve been thinking “I am completely satisfied with this product and it’s better to have a photograph taken even though the photograph didn’t come out that well with my poor camera” 
While I was thinking such a thought, my friend came up and took this photograph for me. 

(I am kind of sorry for my friend who took this photograph.. but I am not totally satisfied with the photograph because my hand looks very ugly)

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SKINFOOD Grape Seed Oil Wrinkle Neck Cream 50g Review

19 Feb

SKINFOOD Grape Seed Oil Wrinkle Neck Cream 50g

SKINFOOD Grape Seed Oil Wrinkle Neck Cream 50g

SKINFOOD Grape Seed Oil Wrinkle Neck Cream

Voulme: 50g

It’s a wrinkle enhancement neck cream that contains adenosine and grape seed oil, which are known to be ingredients that have high moisturizing effects. This cream not only manages the wrinkles on your neck effectively, but will make your neck smooth and flexible. 

How to use: Apply an appropriate amount from the bottom to the top of your neck
as if you are giving a gentle massage. 

This is a neck wrinkle enhancement cream that I bought at Skinfood this time. 
You need to take care of your hands, feet and neck more intensively
as you grow older. 

My mom always used to tell me that I have to apply the cream on neck from when I was very young and that’s why I’ve been taking a good care of my neck since I started doing makeups. 
I always apply the moisturizing cream or nutritional cream on my neck with the leftovers on my hand when I am doing makeups. 

I visited the Skinfood store one day and bought this cream 
to take a good care of neck. LOL

I have no choice but to take care of them. I always apply the hand cream on my hands, 
but there are areas of the body that you don’t really care about. 
Your neck and the area behind your ears are areas that you need to take care before it gets messed up. LOL



The case is made of ordinary plastic and they’ve used light purple for the design. 
The picture of grapes is on the lid. 

I think I’ve seen this product at the store a few years ago. I think this is one of their long-lasting products because they’re still being sold right now. LOL

Why did they use the grape seeds?
Grapes seeds are known to contain tocopherol and this material is extremely good for the dry skin because it makes the skin moist and adenosine is known to be very effective in enhancing the wrinkles. That’s why they’ve used all these materials in this product. LOL
You can see the product description in the photograph above. LOL


To be frank, the case isn’t really luxurious or anything. 
It’s just plastic. 

I opened the lid inside and the protection lid was protecting the content from coming out. 
The protection lid was sort of like the disposable take-out plastic cup. 

 The texture of the cream was quite oily at a glance. 
The cream smelled like grapes and the smell wasn’t that strong. 

The color of the cream is light purple. The color was very light. 

As you can see in the photograph, the lid doesn’t close that well. It’s sort of sloppy. 
It’s sort of disappointing. Why did they make it like this even when cheap products worth 3,300 KRW have strong lids. 

Am I the only one who is experiencing this?
I place the lid on the top just in case it runs down. 


This is the texture of cream. The texture is oily and it’s quite dense. 

But it’s not that hard. You can feel the smoothness and it’s sort of like a pudding. 
The texture is sort of in between the moisturizing cream and nutritional cream. 

The texture is rather moist and glossy because it made of grape seed oil. 



I saw the light purple color when I looked at it from far way, 
but it looks like a white moisturizing cream on the back of my hand. 

I really liked it because I was able to smell the refreshing smell. 
But the smell didn’t smell like a natural smell. LOL It simply makes you feel good and that’s probably it. 


 As you can see in the photograph, I applied quite a lot to show you the texture on the skin. 
It applies to the skin very smoothly. It spreads very well on the skin because the texture isn’t too thick. 

The oil sort of remained on the skin after applying the product. 
It’s kind of glossy. LOL It’s not that uncomfortable like oil. 

It makes the skin very smooth because the oil goes deeply into the skin after a certain amount of time. It’s very moist and makes the skin smooth. I cannot say that it’s slippery. 


We normally apply the same amount of the moisturizing cream and give a gentle massage when applying the basic cosmetics. 

My beck became quite smooth after applying it on my neck. 
It wasn’t like my hair got stuck on it or anything.  It was moist. 

You need to apply the product regularly with the mind of preventing wrinkles on your neck 
because you are using them to prevent them, not to see dramatic effects. 

No matter what sort of cream that you’re using, it’s always a good idea 
to apply creams from the bottom to the top of your neck. 


1. It’s good for massaging because it applies to the skin very smoothly. 
We usually do a lot of massage with oil. You can massage this product until it gets completely absorbed into the skin because this is a product that’s solely for your neck and also because it contains grape see oil. 
2. The refreshing smell. 
The refreshing grape smell that isn’t too strong makes you feel good. The smell is sweet and refreshing. 

3. Cheap price
You can take care of your neck with an affordable price. 


1. The texture was sloppier than what I’ve expected
It’s thick, but it’s also like a pudding. 
I tend to use a lot because the texture isn’t too hard nor too watery. 
I think I am going to finish it very soon because it’s so smooth. 
I think I am going to finish using it very quickly because it’s also very cheap. 

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