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SKINFOOD Gold Caviar Lifting Eye Serum 30ml Review

19 Feb

SKINFOOD Gold Caviar Lifting Eye Serum 30ml

SKINFOOD Gold Caviar Lifting Eye Serum 30ml
It looks like people are talking about eye creams a lot these days. 
Some people say that you need to use them from when you are twenty or eighteen to prevent the wrinkles because wrinkles will not disappear when you start to have them. 
Some people say that you should start using them from your mid-twenties because you are already providing enough nutrition to your eyes with the creams and you may have more wrinkles if you apply too much. 

There are different point of views to when you should begin to apply the eye cream. 

However, most women say that you should apply them from your early-twenties to prevent wrinkles. 
The books on cosmetics say that it’s not very good to use eye creams from when you are young. 
I really have no idea when I should begin to use. 

I haven’t been using eye creams on my face because the book told me that it’s not necessary. 
But I began to have wrinkles near my eyes as I got older. 
(Even though I am still in early twenties)

That’s why I bought SKINFOOD Gold Caviar Lifting Eye Serum


SKINFOOD Gold Caviar Lifting Eye Serum is a great product for those people who are in their 
thirties rather than those who are in their twenties because it takes care of your wrinkles and provides nutrition, flexibility and moisture all at the same time. 

I don’t use the Gold Caviar series because I have an oily skin. 
But I still bought it because I wanted to take care of the areas near my eyes and provide moisture. 

I was not able to find any eye creams or eye serums that were light or refreshing
simply because these product are products that takes care of the wrinkles near your eyes. 


Skinfood also had the Black Raspberry Eye Cream. That product was not a pumping-type product
and it can be a little unhygienic because it used a bottle that was similar to ordinary creams. 

SKINFOOD Gold Caviar Lifting Eye Serum is not only convenient, but can also be used in a very clean way 
because it’s a pumping-type product. 


Texture & Fragrance


It’s not sticky at all because it’s a serum!
The texture is sort of watery, but it’s not watery like water. 
The texture is quite similar to an ordinary serum. 

The smell isn’t strong and it’s quite delicate. 
(It doesn’t smell like Caviar or anything. LOL)



It has quite a bit of moisture and oil because Gold Caviar series are product that provide nutrition and moisture. 
(That’s why I don’t use other Gold Caviar products other than the serum)
For such reasons, it’s moist and also a bit oily)

It doesn’t get absorbed very slowly or anything, but it doesn’t get absorbed that quickly either. 


You can feel both moisture and oil because the Gold Caviar series are products that provide nutrition and moisture. But the eye serum was still okay even for person like me who has an oily skin. 
Even though I personally have an oily skin, it wasn’t sticky or heavy. 

Skinfood has this product called the Black Raspberry Eye cream. 
The Black Raspberry Eye Cream can be a bit heavy to the skin because of its thick texture, 
but Gold Caviar Eye Cream is very light and gets absorbed into the skin very quickly because it’s a cream. 

The Black Raspberry Eye Cream gets pushed away by other cosmetics,
but you do not have to worry about such things for eye serums~

I think it’s a great product by considering its price
because it also has whitening effects. 

I would like to recommend this product for those who are looking 
for a product that cheap and a product that’s lighter than creams. 

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SKINFOOD Omija Whitening Teabag Toner review

19 Feb

SKINFOOD Omija Whitening Teabag Toner

SKINFOOD Omija Whitening Teabag Toner 

SKINFOOD Omija Whitening Teabag Toner 
Volume: 155ml
It’s a toner that contains complex Chinese medicine extracts and whitening ingredients that have been patented and also a toner in which you brew the teabag that has omija and active ingredients. 
I am sure that there are many people out there who do not know what kind of product that they should use to make their skin more bright. It costs a lot of money to change all of your cosmetics to the ones that have whitening effects and you do not want to use only a few because you’re worried that it might not be that effective. 
I heard this when I was taking a beauty class that if you only had to buy one, you would have to buy the essence and you would have to buy a toner if you can buy two. 
Since essence contains ingredients that are necessary for whitening, you can see better effects as compared to other products and it’s better to use them together because it enhances essence’s rate of absorption. 
Toners do not seem very necessary, but it actually play a very important role. 
Anyway, let me get back to the review. 
The product that I am going to introduce is SKINFOOD Omija Whitening Teabag Toner, a unique whitening toner by Skinfood. 

I have seen this product on TV before and it was a very unique product. 
It’s toner that you need to brew. The detailed instructions are written on the back. 
The instructions and warnings are written the sides. 
You can paste the label once again because it’s quite sticky. LOL
The ingredients and the manufacturing date are written on the bottom. 
I thought they didn’t have the ingredients on it and I was very surprised when I found them on the bottom. 
The case is sort of heavy and looks very luxurious because it’s made of glass. 


This omjia teabag is the most important thing. 
Omija in this teabag is known to be grown at Mt. Munkyung and this omija is known to contain lignan, 
which is an antioxidative ingredient. 

I took it out from the bag and it smelled like Chinese medicine and it was sort of cool because the teabag was made of cotton. (You cannot brew the teabag and drink them because it contains ingredients for cosmetics. LOL)
I’ll now brew the toner with the toner!


There is plastic packing when you open the lid. You should soak in the teabag after opening the packing by turning it. 

Brew it for about   minutes, take out the teabag and close the packing and you’re done. 
The teabag has been brewed very well. Can you see them?  LOL

I can see the omija better after it has been soaked into the toner. LOL
Strangely enough, the teabag smelled a lot like Chinese medicine before, but the smell got much better after it has been brewed. 


After closing the packing, just remove the plastic cap. 
You need to close it very firmly because the toner might leak. 
After brewing the teabag, you should keep the teabag in your refrigerator or in cool places that do have get much light. You need to use the teabag within 3-4 months for freshness. 
It’s actually sort of annoying to brew and storing is also not very easy. 
But they’ve used this method to enhance the effects of omija. 
It wouldn’t be so annoying as long as it makes the skin beautiful. I’ll now apply the product on my skin. 

This is when I’ve applied the toner on the back of my hand. 
I think it’s better to use a cosmetics cotton bud because it’s sort of hard to use it on the back of your hand directly because the mouth is quite big. 
The texture of the toner is much like water and it runs down very easily. 

It spreads on the skin like water. It was actually more slippery than water when I touched it. 

I was not able to see much difference after applying the toner, but it was definitely 
more moist and smooth when I touched the skin. 
It seems to have all the basic functions of a toner because it felt very light moist. Even though had lots of moisture in it, it wasn’t sticky at all. I should be able to use until summer. 
I’ll now apply it on my face. 
You should apply the toner on a cosmetics cotton bud and wipe your face in the direction of your skin. 


This is the before and after photograph. 
The skin became a lot smoother after using the product
because there were some oil on my skin before I applied the toner. 
I can definitely see that it had calmed down my skin. LOL

Even though it’s sort of annoying that I have to brew the tea bag, 
it was quite fun because I felt like I was making the cosmetics by myself. LOL
I didn’t see much whitening effects because I haven’t been using this for very long, 
but I think it’s still a good product that can be used on a cosmetics cotton bud because it’s very light and clean. 
You can also experience the cooling effect because it’s a product that you store in cool places. 
(I encourage those people who have sensitive skin to test it before using because it’s a whitening product)
You should be able to experience the effects of omija when used regularly because it’s a product that contains abundant omija. 

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SKINFOOD Omija Whitening Emulsion Review

19 Feb

SKINFOOD Omija Whitening Emulsion

SKINFOOD Omija Whitening Emulsion 

It’s SKINFOOD Omija Whitening Emulsion this time!

I don’t usually get much small troubles on my cheeks and I have a very sensitive skin. 
I always choose a product that has lots of moisture and a product that smells good
because my skin gets lots of troubles when I use products that have lots of oil in. 

I bought SKINFOOD Omija Whitening Emulsion because they’ve just released new version and this one smelled better and was much smoother. The bottle is really pretty and it’s wrap up in a pretty way. 

People say that this one is much better than Agave for those who have sensitive skin. 
(The price is a little more expensive)


 SKINFOOD Omija Whitening Emulsion

This product also has whitening effects. 
I am sure that most women want their skin to be white. 


The lid is also very pretty.
It has Skinfood’s angel logo on it. 


It looks like this when you open the lid. 
You can not separate it. 


I applies some lotion on the back of my hand. 


The left is the Agave Lotion and the right is the Omija Whitening Lotion. 
Omija lotion looks stickier in the photograph. 


 This is when I’ve actually applied it on the back of my hand. 
The lotion remains on the skin very mostly.


(Comparison – Same of above)

Omija lotion was a little sticker when it was applied on the skin
while Agave got absorbed into the skin right away. 

Omija lotion was more moist and wet. 
It would probably come off when I wipe it off with a tissue or a towel. 

I’ve been using this product for quite a while and I didn’t get any troubles on the skin. 
I think it’s very good. It feels kind of wet after applying..
as if I didn’t wipe the water off. 

I am currently using the Omija Essence(sample),
Omija Emulsion and a moisturizing cream.
I really want my skin to glow up and to be bright. LOL

My overall evaluation for this product is

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SKINFOOD Omija Whitening Cream Review

19 Feb

SKINFOOD Omija Whitening Cream

SKINFOOD Omija Whitening Cream 

This is SKINFOOD Omija Whitening Cream that I bought. I bought it because I tried out their samples and it was really good. 🙂 The toner in the Omija series was very popular among people. I personally thought the cream was also very good.  LOL

 It’s looks so cute. LOL
Let’s see how it looks like. 🙂


I unwrapped the cover~


And a beautiful cream like this comes out~
The pink and white gradation on the bottle is so pretty. 
It’s sort of heavy because it’s made of glass. 



I was so attracted to this Omija cream because it even had whitening effects. 🙂

There is another protection film when you open the lid
and you can find the white cream when you take off the protection film~


Doesn’t it look watery for a nutrition cream? LOL
The texture is really moist and it’s more watery than other creams. 
It’s almost like a moisturizing cream. LOL

I applied it on my arm. It was moist like a moisturizing cream 
and it got absorbed faster than other creams~

You can apply the cream before you go to sleep because it’s not sticky and
it sticks on to the skin very well while it gets absorbed into the skin. 
Also, this product didn’t make skin itchy even when I’ve applied on my face. 
(Other creams made my skin itchy, but this didn’t!)
You face will became smooth and shiny when you wash it off in the morning. 🙂

It’s a cream that you can use whenever your skin is dry because it’s not very suffocating at all!
I recommend it because it’s not very heavy for those people who have a dry skin and also because it’s gets absorbed into the skin very quickly. 🙂


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SkinFOOD Omija Whitening Serum Review

19 Feb

SkinFOOD Omija Whitening Serum

Skin FOOD Omija Whitening Serum 

 *Omija: The fruit of Maximowiczia typica (schizandra)

The skin normally begins to lose moisture during summer 
and I think it’s time that you need a good basic cosmetics. 

I will introduce the Omija Whitening Serum today. 🙂
Volume: 50ml
Main effects: Provides moisture, whitening of the skin
The design sort of reminds of medicines. 
The product is wrapped with a white fabric. 
I think they designed it this way to bring its whitening effects into greater attention. 


 A white bottle in the color of Omija comes out 
when you take off the fabric. 🙂


I personally like those products that have small mouths. 
SKINFOOD Omija Whitening Serum is very convenient because it has a small mouth. 


It contains a lot of moisture and it’s white because it’s serum after all. 


 The left is after applying the product. 
I would like to highly recommend this product for those who have a dry skin because 
it has more moisture than other serums and also because it lasts for a very time. 

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SKINFOOD Good Afternoon BB Review

19 Feb

SKINFOOD Good Afternoon BB

SKINFOOD Good Afternoon BB

SKINFOOD Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB is a BB cream that sticks on the skin very moistly and a BB cream that provides moisture and glow to the face. 
Skinfood has so many different kinds of BB creams and it’s always a pleasure to have a variety of choices. SKINFOOD Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB is a product that can be spread on the skin like a watery foundation. I would like to introduce this product for you because it’s a product that can be used very lightly on the skin. Let me begin my review on SKINFOOD Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB. 
I first tried using SKINFOOD Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB with a sample. 
What I really like about Skinfood’s marketing strategy is that they prepare the samples and distribute them very quickly. It’s very satisfactory that I can try out the new products through their samples because I tend to buy products when I am satisfied with it after using their samples. 

SKINFOOD Good Afternoon BB has various types and 
the Honey Black Tea is a BB cream that provides glow and moisture. 
The honey which contains abundant moisturizing ingredients fills in the lacking moisture deeply into the skin and the black tea is known to add a moist glow to the skin. 
There are two colors for SKINFOOD Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB, which are
no.1 light beige and no.2 natural beige. 
The volume of this product is 30g. 
I applied SKINFOOD Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB on the back of my hand. 
As you can see in photograph, the texture is pink  beige that doesn’t have much gray in it. 
The color is much brighter than the color of your hands. 
The texture is in  between cream and liquid. Since the texture is watery and it stick on to the skin very well, it’s recommended that you apply it quickly. 
You can create a natural skin like in the photograph 
by using a brush or a sponge to apply the product. 

The texture of SKINFOOD Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB is moist and light. 
I touched it with my finger and it was very moist without much stickiness. 
Even though the texture spurts like a mountain, it wasn’t very suffocating because it didn’t have much oil in it. For a texture like this, you can create a more lively base by using a brush to apply the product. 🙂

SKINFOOD Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB is not sticky after it it applied on the skin. 
I tried to stick a piece of paper on the back of my band, but it fell down. 
I think those people who have a glowing skin should also be able to use this product
because it’s very light and refreshing. 

I compared the covering capabilities of SKINFOOD Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB. 
SKINFOOD Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB No.1 Light Beige matches very well with the yellow skin because it’s pink beige. 
It makes the yellow skin bright and can even cover the dots on the back of your hands. 
I can say the covering capability is extremely good. 
It can cover most of your freckles and blemishes. 


I’ll now compare SKINFOOD Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB to other Skinfood’s products. The photograph on the left is Skinfood’s Glow Foundation and the photograph on the right is Skinfood’s Aloe BB Cream. The Glow Foundation is beige that has a bit of yellow and Honey Black Tea BB and Aloe BB is pink beige. 
You can create a natural skin with Honey Black Tea BB because it’s brighter and more watery than the Aloe BB. Can you see the gloss in the photograph? 🙂

I did the makeup with SKINFOOD Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB No.1 Light Beige. 
I have a bright skin and I normally use color no.21.
Even though I have a bright skin, it made my skin even brighter. 
Also, you can apply the product in a thin layer because the texture 
is very glossy and moist. 
I encourage you to try out the SKINFOOD Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB
if you want a bright and want to express a thin skin. 🙂
I think it’s a perfect product that can be used everyday.

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SKINFOOD Tea Tree Toner, Emulsion Review

19 Feb

SKINFOOD Tea Tree Toner, Emulsion

SKINFOOD Tea Tree Toner, Emulsion

I have thin ears and I tend to buy whatever the product is  whenever I hear people say that it’s perfect for the dry skin  or it’s good the pimples. LOL
I found this product while I was looking for cheap product to buy because I finished using my skin and I didn’t have much found!
I am continuously buying Skinfood’s products because I really like their design and all of the products that I’ve used were quite good. 


I wondered why the content was green in the first place
and  I found out that the bottle was green. I think the volume is quite good!
I usually use a toner on a cosmetics cotton bud, even though I sometimes use my hands after washing my face. I think the toner dries up very quickly when I tap it. People say that your hands absorb the toner. 

Oh gosh~ look at my fat hands..
I think Skinfood’s product design is one of their advantages!
I personally think it’s amazing how they’ve written down the descriptions inside. 
I think it’s very brilliant. 
It’s sometimes very annoying.. but it’s not a big problem. 🙂

I didn’t use emulsions before because I have an oily skin. But I was wrong!!
You actually have to take of your skin even more when you have an oil skin!!

Even though I have an oil skin, I always have to put on the lotion because my skin gets extremely dry after washing my face. In the overall sense, it’s moist and not very sticky. 
For such reason, you cannot use too much. 

The toner and the emulsion have a same design. 
I really liked the shape of the bottle and its vintage design. 
I bought it because they told me that I should use this product when I am getting pimples on my face. Even though I didn’t see dramatic effects or anything, I can feel that my skin getting better. 
It is moist than sticky 
and I highly recommend it for those people who have oil skin because it contains more moisture than oil. 


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